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The City And County Want To Expand On Their Economic Development Accomplishments In 2021

FREMONT, Calif. — The city intends to build on the momentum of 2021 and increase house building this year, as well as continue its quest for shovel-ready sites to accommodate new and current enterprises.

The city’s No. 1 concern, according to Fremont’s economic development director, is recruiting and keeping employees.

Gross believes that housing will be a key component in increasing the city’s population.

Gross highlighted a housing research report conducted by Columbus-based DiSalvo Development Advisors last year, which showed that Fremont’s market could sustain up to 210 rental housing units and 90 single-family for-sale units.
In Fremont, he added, 51 new houses were built and/or finished last year, the most in recent memory.

“We want to keep doing it,” Gross added.

Gross said in November that he and municipal officials looked back 30 years and couldn’t identify a year when more than 20 houses were being built.

In 2021, 16 residences were developed in the Sunset Meadows subdivision on the city’s east side.

According to Gross, the property is platted for up to 140 dwellings in multiple stages, each with 30-40 units.

Meadow Creek condos on Fangboner Road

Condo apartments are being developed at the Meadow Creek property off of Smith Road, while 10 housing units at the Fangboner Road development are set to open this year, he added.

Gross predicts that more than 51 dwelling units will be begun and perhaps finished in the city by 2022.

According to Gross, the city is also in talks with a developer who wants to construct an apartment complex somewhere in Fremont.

“It’s been 40 years since we’ve had a new housing complex,” Gross remarked.

Gross expressed optimism that a new firm will move into the Gordman’s building by 2022.

According to him, the city is still looking for big shovel-ready sites for new or current enterprises looking to relocate or expand.

According to Gross, sites around Ohio 53 are still the most appealing for new enterprises.

A task team was created in the county to locate new company locations.

After ending 2021 with news of new investments and employment at Standard Technologies and Envases, Sandusky County is likewise attempting to maintain its economic growth momentum.

Sandusky County was rated eighth out of more than 500 micropolitans in the US for new company development projects in 2020 by Site Selection Magazine, a national economic development journal.

Sandusky County’s economic development director, Beth Hannam, said the county doesn’t have as many buildings or locations available as it would want.

Hannam said a county site task group was created late last year to assist in the search for additional locations for new enterprises.

One new company is expected to open in Sandusky County in the first half of 2022, according to the county.

She said Ohio Truck Sales, located in Sandusky, has bought the old Fultz facility in Clyde and hopes to launch in March.

The firm, which will spend $7.5-$8 million in the new Sandusky County headquarters, is “landlocked” and “couldn’t locate anything,” according to Hannam.

Ohio Truck Sales will maintain its sales staff in Sandusky, but will relocate 50 employees to the new plant, according to Hannam.

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